Arcade Fire Bangor/DC

My favorite band of ALL time is- indeed- the Arcade Fire.

2005/06 I remember taking a trip to San Diego with a few friends my Sophomore year and they introduced my to indie music. My life would never be the same. They played Arcade Fire, the Ravenettes, Freezepop, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand.. and I dont even remember the rest. But I kept circling my requests to "Woodlands National Anthem". The strangest of songs on Funeral, I admit. But I was entranced by Regine's gypsy voice that seemed so carefree and longing. I missed my opportunity to see them live in Utah because I was preparing to serve an LDS mission in Argentina! It was already enough I was going to miss my best friend's wedding (Jess & Josh)!!! Walking through the streets I would hum "Neon Bible" (Ironically) and "Evil" by Interpol. 
I decided 2014 would be my year. I have already been to some amazing concerts in my life
  • Interpol
  • the B52's
  • Santigold
  • Beyonce
  • Snow Patrol
  • OK GO
  • Silver Sun Pickups 
  • Alex Winston
  • Of Montreal
  • U2
  • Florence & the Machine
  • Metric
  • the XX
  • Stars
  • The Shins
  • The Sounds
  • the Goo Goo Dolls
  • Lifehouse
  • Better than Ezra
  • Youth Lagoon
  • Garbage
  • The Faint
  • Ben Folds Five
  • My Morning Jacket
  • She & Him 
ok... i cant think of the rest... an update for another day- if you will.

So the only 2 i would ever want to see before I die was The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Arcade Fire. Well. Dream come true. I volunteered for a show to help spread awareness about Haiti and the other show I just paid for GA. I got some AMMMMMAZZZZING pictures that I will share. I will write another blog post of volunteering and being part of the theatrics for the show ; )


Arcade Fire

I see this band is becoming more and more back-lashed lately. It's sad. They truly are an AMAZING group who actually do charity work- for those in Haiti. They are innovative and creative. Talented beyond words. I admire everything about them. They are the epitome of what I hope to become. They are all about not selling out.. and most of all, about the HEART...about its beat... and all of our fears combined.. This song... Is everything of what I have left in life before picking up the pieces again.


Oh Marie Marie Marie Antoinette

I have to say, a guilty pleasure movie of mine is Marie Antoinette... (where's the guilty pleasure?).. It's the one with Kirsten Dunst. I liked her role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (now if i can only find that damn purple velvet corset blazer- I'd be in the best of shape). But I thought I would never again like her. Alas, my friend Andrew loves this movie- so i thought i would give it a whorl. Not only do they play songs that pluck at my heart strings (Ceremony by New Order - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8App43SKMU & Radio Dept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H-Rxd3SJ2k & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31ZFeAV7YYY  OH AND ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM2h9HJGp3A ) - but they also have countless gowns, shoes, and hair pieces to blow my mind to bits!

Not to mention I have an obsession of pugs right now. No I can't explain it. shhh shh shhhhh.

OH and then I have been dying my hair pink like this lately~

What a dream to watch that movie over and over. The true story has thousands visiting Versailles. Wishing and dreaming of the lavish lifestyle of Rococo/Roccoco. I, myself, dread big spaces that are man-made (give me nature please)- but she finds a great balance with her beautiful gardens. She loved nature, the arts, and her children. We forget the torment France was going through as we see life through her young eyes. We fall in love with her voids of love and duty- meanwhile economic turmoil and starvation plague her legacy. "Let them Eat Cake" has echoed across generations to describe her legacy and her arrogance toward her people. Rather the story is true or not- I cannot say. She did have a tragic end. Watching her friends die and brutally picked apart- down to her last child. She haunts every aspect of France in my mind. I wonder what the French think of her? Can't wait to go to Paris and find out (THIS YEAR!) What an amazing ride she has taken me-and I finally get to to actually be there. Soon.Soon.
Hopefully my imagination can still wander about despite the fact of seeing the real thing first-hand...

 I just got off the phone.. I will be babysitting a pug this Friday. Funny what run-ins and chats with strangers will get you. Now if I can ONLY squeeze Morocco into this Trip I'll be GOLDEN.


Through the Mines

This post is dedicated to everyone...-why you ask? I cannot think of one person who hasn't gone through personal hell to get to a personal heaven. To fall in love without the risk. I dedicate this to those angels. And to my special own- My husband. He saved my life. And I owe him all of mine. He still sticks around, despite my own personal trial. One I could never live through without him. God put him in my path when I was wan't even on a path. He found a personal savior for me. And he still never ceases to amaze me how perfect he is, even when I fall short. When I told him I couldn't give it faith, or my all... he told me he will compensate and will pull my load for me. Here's a song by Stars that makes me think of... well... my inner battle we can all relate to in one way or another...

                                                            "Through The Mines" -Stars

How do you choose
Was it me or your mood?
That let your hounds of hate out
Out of the gates
You were the place
That I always want to get to
Quick on the draw
We'll fight 'till we're raw
'Till the bully has had enough
Caught in the dust
Us diamonds are tough
And we're never going to give it up
You want hard loveYou want hard loveYou and IKill or kindWe just might..Make it through the mines
We cut the thread
Two hearts made of lead
Did they lead us down the wrong road?
There's charm in the flaw
And the key fits the lock
So why do we have to write it off?
You want hard loveYou want hard loveYou and IKill or kindWe just might..You and IWe just might..Make it through the mines
Boat out on the dock
The wind soft while it rocks
The sparrows circle home
The lake soft while we talk
Give me one more day
Just give me one more day
Until then come to sleep
Rest until the sun creeps in
I think I'd better leave..


Last of Maine..Jason style

Maine Maine Maine..again..

Jason took these ones. My lens is filthy.

Maine Maine Maine

Must Sees:
*Old Orchard Beach
*Two Lights
*Smiling Hills Farm
*Portland Headlight
*Downtown Portland