ThanksGiving in OK City

By 10:25 PM

I enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with a family I practically lived with for several years. Momma gave me some cool stuff from Jordan (where her husband currently lives).
They bring back the many nights of blasting 100.3 the Beat for Hip-Hop and R&B. I miss the 3 big girls (Sonya made it in this picture!) The 3 little girls were there (Whitney , Mel Mel-pregnant one, Chelsea) and Chad slipped out and Junior is in Arkansas. The Rest are still in St.Louis. I kind of miss living near the ghettos. I don't miss picking up white powder in a plastic bag. I do miss whitney calling me white trash, wigger, cracker, and the big girls calling me a honkey. Funny how the negative can have such a loving meaning too. oh yes, and hiding in the tub from the electric company for sneaking cable and electricity. I remember the house fire. Chickens. WindShield Breaking. Almost getting ran over. Braiding my hair till I cried. coffee. sneaking to the roof. And chad being a little punk.

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